This blog is first and foremost a class assignment for the graduate class I am taking in Europe this summer. However, by making this public, I hope to attract some individuals that might be like me – excited to observe and discuss the different ways in which people can move through the world! If you like going places, whether by plane, train, or automobile, please let me know (politely!) what you think of the observations I make here in Europe! I am not claiming to be any sort of expert on the subject, but immersion in a different culture has to be some help 🙂

If transportation nerd-ery isn’t your thing, don’t worry! Sydney and Hannah will join me mid-July. They are two of my favorite women in the world, and luckily for my photo albums, happen to both be excellent photographers! Stay tuned for the stunning pictures of Switzerland, Italy, England, Scotland, and Ireland that are sure to come!

Jordan: I am a 20-something year old civil engineering student at Oregon Institute of Technology pursuing my masters degree. As you have probably gathered, I have a weird passion for transportation, but that pales in comparison to the passion I have for Christ and the work that he has done and is yet to do in my life. I like staying super busy, so I somehow find time to read, play board games, spend time with my adorable niece, and work on all kinds of projects around my house.